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Meteo 102m, High Guyed Lattice Tower

Meteorological measurement tower family constructed in east Romania. We designed several families of towers, with different wind-load and height up to 130m.

Standard version is a metal tower with height 102m (17 sections with a height of 6m each), consisting of a metal structure with latticed tubular section having a constant height triangle section, designed to support equipment for meteorological records, especially wind speed.

Serves as a temporary or permanent building for wind energy parks.

In terms of wind load data, it can be installed in an area with wind speed of 36m/s and a pressure of 0.8kPa. Considered frost thickness of 10mm evenly applied (radial) on all the tower. It was calculated for average load 1sqm. Installation requires no special equipment, making possible quick assembling by a team of climbers.


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We are a young company founded in 2007, with qualified personnel that has over 10 years experience in metallic structures analysis, computer aided designing and drafting. Our expertise in structural design, enables us to understand your needs, and offer you qualitative design services at competitive costs.

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