Design for Telecommunication Base Stations:

  • Urban infrastructure (rooftop) design
  • Rural infrastructure design
  • Topographical studies
  • Geo-technical studies
  • GSM site designs on atypical structures and customized solutions
  • Camouflage solutions for discrete locations

Complete metallic structure design (calculation and manufacturing details) for urban telecommunication sites (rooftops), consisting in: lattice towers, masts, antenna and equipment supports, ice protection supports, cable trays.

Obtaining of initial designer approval and/or building technical expertise.

Economical, fast deployment design solutions for special and atypical buildings, keeping the most from main customer technical requirements of civil works and telecommunications.

Complete metallic infrastructure design (calculation and manufacturing details) for Rural Sites (green-fields), consisting in metallic structures.

Various tower designs with 3 or 4 legs, latticed, anchored or self-supported, fixed on economical concrete foundations, metallic bases or precased modular concrete blocks; mono-tubular masts and monopoles.

Various antenna supports, equipment supports, shelter design and other metalic components required for these type of sites.

Ability to develop new products, adapted to the locality and the individuality of the each project with the following principles and output:

  • Constrained needed rented area
  • Fast deployment
  • Expandability
  • Low cost materials
  • Low implementation cost
  • Discrete construction output
  • Transportation/installation easiness
  • Easy standardization and of manufacturing and logistics
  • Clear accompanied technical specifications and work instructions issue
  • Simple accompanied BoQ list for easiness in cost control

Structural computations are performed with specialized analysis software and checked by experienced design experts. 3D assembly models are performed with accurate precision, eliminating any manufacturing problems. We provide clever solutions for GSM sites, camouflaged in difficult locations where a standard site can not be built, such as: - PC Smart Pole - PC Smart Box - PC Transmission Barrel; these include also transmission solution.

We collaborate with architects for customized camouflage of antennas on historical buildings, narrow indoor spaces.


About company

We are a young company founded in 2007, with qualified personnel that has over 10 years experience in metallic structures analysis, computer aided designing and drafting. Our expertise in structural design, enables us to understand your needs, and offer you qualitative design services at competitive costs.

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