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PC-VOLTATM is an innovative solar mounting system for project developers of photovoltaic parks, module manufacturers, and system integrators for commercial solar projects; customized mounts we may offer for residential use.
The product is configured as a single rack mount, capable of supporting 10 photovoltaic panels (2 rows of 5 panels). It can easily connect to other modules, representing a row with variable length. In this way there will be no loss of field space.
For most soils, a module is using 2 metal supports, introduced in the ground on the principle driven piles. For difficult soils, the module is fixed on 4 legs, mounted on prefabricated concrete slabs.

The main advantages of using PC-Volta Solar Mount are:

  • Overall minimum cost.
  • Fast deployment on site.
  • The mount is made from prefabricated components without welding.
  • It uses only steel hot-deep galvanized components (standard structural or light sheet metal profiles), which are stronger and cheaper to manufacture.
  • It may be installed on almost every soil type all over the world.
  • The racks can be easily interconnecting each other, making custom size rows.
  • Easy tilt adjustment.
  • No usage of atypical and expensive aluminum profiles.
  • No usage of special and expensive aluminum clamps or screws.
  • PV panels are easily installed using adjustable metal clamps. It does not use PV panel fixation threaded holes; PV position is adjustable on the support on raw length direction.




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We are a young company founded in 2007, with qualified personnel that has over 10 years experience in metallic structures analysis, computer aided designing and drafting. Our expertise in structural design, enables us to understand your needs, and offer you qualitative design services at competitive costs.

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